My ugly face

About me

I am a self taugh SEO expert working on my own businesses mainly in the tradesman industries. I have hundreds of websites all over the world through which i employ locksmiths, plumbers and roofers for emergency purposes.

I put all my none emergency jobs through my favorite project 3Local which is a global site set up to provide very very cheap leads to tradesmen across the globe. All leads are supplied at a set price and we don't charge for membership or anything like that.

I am a father of one little boy called Cameron who was born on September 5th 2011 and since that day he has made my life brilliant.

Over the next 5 years I have plans to take one of my internet businesses from the UK to world wide on the WWW. Every business I build is made so that I can make money without doing anything, allowing me to spend all my time with my son.